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Our Story 

Leslie Bullock has spent almost her entire professional life cooking and baking, ultimately serving as a pastry chef in several of New York’s most renowned restaurants. In 2010, she decided to return to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to raise her two daughters. Once home, she began to lament with her sister, Shelly, the lack of high quality, preservative free, natural snacks for their families. And so, with Leslie’s love of baking and Shelly’s business acumen, Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Co. was born.

Our Company 

Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Co. specializes in sweet and savory baked goods. Everything is made with pure, natural ingredients and is 100 percent preservative free. All the bite-size, whimsical shapes were inspired by the beauty of the Mississippi Sound’s Cat Island. The company is strongly committed to running a business that’s ethical, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable. After all, we call the Gulf Coast home, too. 

Our Products 

Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Co. offers two distinctive, and yummy, taste profiles.

For our “sweet” Islanders, we offer gourmet cookie delivery. Each delicious cookie is made with natural ingredients, such as fresh butter, pure lemon and lime oil, and rich chocolate chips.

For those “spicy and savory” Islanders (you know who you are), we offer the delivery of delicious crackers made using a blend of pure butter with aged asiago or sharp cheddar cheese, livened up with zesty red pepper, and finished with a touch of fresh sea salt.

And there are no preservatives on our Island, ever!

Sweet or Savory. What kind of Islander are you?

Our Customers 

First and foremost, Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Co. loves its customers! Our goal is to build a loyal and enthusiastic family of "Islanders" by providing great tasting, preservative free products and top notch customer service. Browse our products to buy cookies or other snacks online. Do you have questions about Cat Island or our mail order cookies and other snacks? Don’t hesitate to contact us online.

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