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General Safety Rules For Your Child While In The Kitchen

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Cooking and baking is always fun to do with your kids, but what about making sure your kids stay safe with you while in the kitchen? You could very much enjoy having your child bake and cook with you, but it can be a hassle when your kitchen isn’t safe. You could worry about your child banging his or her head or cutting themselves on a sharp knives. If you want to encourage your child to bake, but are afraid they’ll hurt themselves, then this blog is for you. At Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Co., we’re big believers in encouraging kids to start baking at an early age. When you take the time to foster your child’s love of cooking and baking, you’re able to allow them to really flourish over time. At Cat Island Cookies & Crackers Co., we don’t only offer delicious crackers and gourmet cookies in our online store, we also offer fun safety tips for parents to ensure their child stays safe while in the kitchen. If you want to encourage your child to start baking in the kitchen with you, then settle into your couch, eat some tasty gourmet cookies from our online store, and learn how you can start to keep your child safe while still having fun. If you’re interested in checking out some of our cookies or crackers, then take the time to peruse our wide selection of savory and sweet treats.

Five Tips To Keep Your Child Safe While In The Kitchen

The first rule you need to remember while in the kitchen with your child is to have fun. Many parents like to control all of the actions that are going on in the kitchen, but to really be able to foster a love of baking in your child you’ll need to allow your child to ‘fly free.’ Just not too free because you don’t want an incident happening. Depending on what level of baking your child is, you can either hover and make sure the recipe is being followed to a tee or your can check in with your child as he or she goes through the recipe. If your child can’t read yet, then we recommend hovering, but if your child is a little older, then allow them to go through the recipe on their own. You can even print out a recipe and check off each item they put in to make sure it’s correct.

Hide The Alcohol

This is obvious, but sometimes if you’re cooking with sherry, cognac, or brandy you might leave them within reach of your child without realizing it. Remember, to always keep the alcohol out of reach for your child and even out of sight on some occasions. We’d recommend even investing in an alcohol cabinet or securing a cabinet with a lock, especially as your children gets older.

Skidproof Floors

Most kitchens are hardwood floors and that makes it vastly easier to clean up. On the other hand, your floors might be a little more slippery than others. You don’t want a child or even yourself falling while carrying something heavy or just while walking. Take the time to skidproof your floor by purchasing a nonskid rug or making sure there are no wet areas and that all liquid is cleaned up as soon as possible.

Safety Latches

Is there anything in your kitchen that could be a potential risk to your child? There probably is, like those very nice knives you got for your wedding or heavy dishes that could fall on your child. Make sure to lock up all of your cabinets with a safety latch and have all sharp utensils kept in your cabinets instead of out on the counter. You can also use safety latches for your alcohol cabinet as well.

Sharp Edges

There are plenty of sharp edges in your kitchen, so take the time to properly cover them with protective guards and cushioning. You don’t want your child to hit his or her head on a sharp corner, especially when kids tend to be the height of the counter.

Safely Dispose Of Everything

Kids don’t have the same need to stay clean that most adults do. Make sure to properly dispose of everything in the trash, especially plastic bags, so your child doesn’t accidentally get into the garbage or into a plastic bag. To dispose of plastic bags - however we encourage to recycle them - make sure to knot them. For your garbage, have a child resistant garbage can so you don’t find your child rooting through the trash.

Now that your kitchen is childproof, take the time to continue reading our blogs to learn how you can make sure your child is safe around knives, ovens, and appliances in the kitchen with you.

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