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Cat Island Treats Make Great Corporate Gifts

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If you’re trying to decide what to gift to your clients, business associates, partners, or employees this holiday season, you’ve probably realized that corporate gift giving is not always as easy as it seems. The first and trickiest step is choosing the perfect gift. Do you opt for something your gift recipients can use in their daily lives, such as fountain pens, calendars, or printed coffee mugs, or do you opt for gift ideas that are more unique, such as service subscriptions, travel opportunities, or even thoughtful, handwritten letters? Here at Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Co., we take our corporate gift giving in a different direction, offering delicious gourmet cookie delivery services for a variety of assortment packs.

Why do Cat Island’s natural snacks make good corporate gifts?

International Shipping

Do you have someone in mind in another country who deserves a corporate gift from your company? When you have an international customer base, business partners who live abroad, or other business connections outside of the United States, it can become even more difficult to get your corporate gifts sent out. Here at Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Co., we can send your corporate gifts to almost any address in the world. (Please note that not all products are available for international shipping.)

Sweet & Savory Options

Our variety of natural snacks available online is sure to please every palate. Our selection includes both sweet and savory options, so whether your customers have a sweet tooth or your business associates prefer salty snacks, you’re sure to find the perfect edible gift here at Cat Island. For example, we offer a wide variety of flavors for our gourmet cookie delivery, including brown butter, lemon butter, lime butter, coffee, chocolate peppermint, chocolate chip, and even more. You can discover all of our delicious cookie flavors when you shop cookies at our online store. For those more interested in a savory bite than a sweet one, we offer our zesty cheddar bites and our spicy asiago wafers. Give our natural snacks a try for yourself, and send out your favorites to your corporate gift recipients this holiday season.

All Natural Snacks

So, why do the natural snacks at Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Co. make great corporate gifts over other food gifts? When it comes to quality snacks, Cat Island knows what we’re doing. Absolutely no preservatives are ever introduced into our natural snacks, and we use only the freshest, highest quality natural ingredients. Your gift recipients will appreciate these natural snacks. We currently offer three gift set assortment packs from among our delicious natural snacks. Choose our 3-pack assortment to share our chocolate peppermint and pecan chocolate chip cookies as well as our zesty cheddar bites with your corporate gift recipients, check out our larger assortment packs, or send certain flavors to certain people for personalized gift giving.

Need corporate gift ideas for this holiday season? Be sure to check out our selection of natural snack gifts online here at Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Co. Have questions about our products? Please contact us online.

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