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Unnatural Preservatives: What’s the Big Deal?

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Most of us do what we can to avoid eating foods that can be harmful to us, especially when it comes to foods we’re also feeding to our families. We avoid artificial sweeteners, limit salt, and buy whole grain bread products instead of refined carbohydrates, but what about the other ingredients in the food we all buy at the grocery store? Here at Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Co., we’re committed to offering you and your family all natural alternatives to the typical snacks foods found in stores. What really makes our natural snacks different is that they are made with 100 percent real ingredients and absolutely no unnatural preservatives! Consider our gourmet cookie delivery today.

What are food preservatives?

Before the introduction of chemical and artificial food preservatives, natural preservatives like salt, alcohol, and vinegar were used to keep food from spoiling, but modern practices see many more unnatural preservatives used in everything from beverages to baked goods. Preservatives are added to foods for a variety of reasons, including to prevent bacteria and mold growth, to prevent food discoloration, and to prevent food spoilage through oxidation. The most common unnatural food preservatives are antimicrobials, antioxidants, and chelating agents.

What problems can food preservatives lead to?

Unnatural preservatives are generally classified as GRAS, or “Generally Recognized As Safe,” but it is important to understand that this designation is based on scientific consensus, not necessarily on empirical evidence. In small quantities, unnatural preservatives may not be considered harmful, but when you consider how many foods you consume just in one day that contain these chemical or artificial food preservatives, staying in the “safe zone” may be easier said than done. It is still unclear what the negative effects may be since measuring harmfulness of each preservative can be a real challenge and may depend much on the affected person. That being said, unnatural preservatives have been linked to a number of problems.

The following effects have been linked to unnatural preservatives:

  • May increase the risk of developing cancer, especially of the stomach.
  • May cause or exacerbate allergies, asthma, headaches, and skin irritation.
  • May cause problems with the kidneys if consumed in excess.
  • May increase the risk of developing heart disease.

Keep yourself and your family healthy with alternative snack choices that don’t include unnatural food preservatives. If you need a place to start, try our gourmet cookie delivery offerings here at Cat Island Cookies. Browse through our all natural cookies and snack crackers today.

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