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How To Keep Your Kids Safe In The Kitchen Around Appliances

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In General Safety Rules For Your Child While In The Kitchen, we discussed five general rules to keep your child safe while in the kitchen. While you enjoy some of our delicious gourmet cookies available in our online store, you are able to read a few ways to keep your kids safe around appliances. In comparison to keeping your child safe with some general rules, in today’s blogs we’ll be diving into the ins and outs of keeping your child safe around kitchen appliances. It’s a great learning experience and a lot of fun to cook and bake with your child and you shouldn’t allow a deterrent such as safety be the cause of not allowing your child to experience the fun with you. You might be one of those parents who finds it easier to do it themselves or you could be the type of parent who is too afraid to allow your child in the kitchen because you don’t want them to hurt themselves. At Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Co, we want to make sure the next generation enjoys baking and cooking as much as we do. Baking can allow you and your child to bond, is a great way to learn reading and math, and you're able to provide your child with teachable moments. So sit down, curl up with a tasty box of gourmet cookies from our online store or with some of our savory bites and enjoy learning how you can introduce your child to the kitchen.

Three Ways To Keep Your Child Safe While In The Kitchen

These three ways to keep your child safe while in the kitchen will allow you and your child to stay comfortable while cooking and baking. Sometimes, while cooking or baking with a child, it can be scary because you don’t want them to hurt themselves. When you take the time to learn all of the safety precautions to ensure your child stays safe, you’ll be able to be comfortable while baking or cooking. You won’t have to worry about your child burning themselves or anything falling on them when you take the time to learn some child safety tips in the kitchen. Take into consideration these three tips to keep your child safe and you’ll find yourself enjoying the baking or cooking adventure with your child.

Childproof The Kitchen

The very first thing you should do when you want to introduce your child to the kitchen is to childproof it. When you childproof your kitchen you’re able to rest easy knowing that your kitchen is ready to have your child in it. To safely childproof your kitchen, you need to childproof the appliances. Some of the most dangerous items in your kitchen are the appliances, which is why it would be beneficial if you put covers on the knobs of your stove and the oven. If you don’t want to waste the money on the covers, then you can always take the knobs off as well. Store the knobs in an easy to remember, but hard to reach place for children. In addition, make sure to cover the edges of the counters so your child doesn’t accidentally knock their head on the sharp edges.

Be Careful When The Oven & Stove Is On

When you’re cooking, sometimes it can be easy to forget that the stove or the oven is on. Make sure when you are finished with the stove that you immediately turn the stove off, so your child doesn’t reach over to touch it when you aren’t looking. You don’t want an accident to occur if you don’t turn the stove off. If you are cooking with the oven, make sure you turn it off when you are finished cooking or baking. Furthermore, don’t leave the oven open when you put something on the counter, just like you wouldn’t leave the stove on for your child to accidentally touch. Even turning your back for a minute can be detrimental to an accident occurring. Don’t forget that children are naturally curious. if they don’t know that something can burn, they might be curious to touch the oven or stove.

Unplug Appliances That Are Not In Use

When you don’t unplug the appliances when you are not using them your child could do a few things. Your child can pull on the appliances so they could topple over or your child could get too curious about the cords. The best way to make sure your child stays safe around small appliances is by unplugging them when not in use and storing them out of the reach of your child. This means putting them in cabinets with childproof locks or up on a high shelf with the cord wound tightly around the bottom of it. Small appliances you should put out of the reach of children are food processors, coffee makers, blenders, Keurigs, and toasters. When you unplug the appliances and place them out of reach of your child you won’t have to worry about any accidents happening.

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