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The Benefits Of Kids In The Kitchen

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Taking the time to teach your child to bake or cook can be time consuming, but in the end it’s worth it. Most parents don’t want to spend the time after work or on the weekends between errands teaching their children to spend time in the kitchen. In the long run, it could help you and your child. You might be one of those parents who needs the time in the kitchen by themselves to decompress from the day and create a dinner or dessert uninterrupted. However, teaching your child to bake or cook will allow you to teach them so much from life skills to becoming a more versatile eater. At Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Co., we want to encourage you to start introducing your kids to the benefits of becoming knowledgeable in the kitchen. Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Co. is a unique online store that offers gourmet cookies and crackers all made from real ingredients. We offer gourmet cookies online and crackers all in different flavors and all with natural ingredients. We know how picky most people are about snacks and what sets us apart from other cookie and cracker companies is that we don’t add unnatural preservatives and additives in any of our products. We know the importance of a natural, healthy, delicious treat, and that’s exactly what we are able to offer you. Check out more of our cookies and crackers.

Five Benefits To Baking In The Kitchen With Your Kids

It can be so beneficial for you to encourage your child to begin cooking and baking in the kitchen. In today’s blog, we’re going to introduce you to the many benefits of inspiring your child to bake. At Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Co., we’re strong believers in instilling a love of baking early on with your child. As a company dedicated to being ethical, environmentally-sustainable, and responsible, we know the importance of enticing your child early on with baking. Baking can help to not only create beautiful, delicious goods, it can also help children learn life lessons and skills they’ll need for the remainder of his or her life.

The Importance Of Real Ingredients

At Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Co., we are strong believers in using real ingredients. This means using real butter, sugar, and salt. We don’t use artificial sugar, butter, or salt because we know that real ingredients satisfy real cravings. Each of our crackers and gourmet cookies that can be ordered online are full of real ingredients so you don’t have to worry about putting artificial ingredients into your body. When you begin to teach your child to bake with real ingredients, they’ll understand the importance of using ingredients that add improved flavor to your baked goods and even dare we say - healthiness. So many diseases have been connected to consuming unnatural preservatives and artificial ingredients that we need to encourage our children to curb away from using ingredients that cause the body to not digest them the right way. In addition, when you use real ingredients you’re able to consume foods that are natural and delicious versus foods that leave a strange after-taste or disrupt your system.

The Importance Of Planning

This benefit is a great one to allow your children to carry over into their lives. Baking holds so many great life lessons and the importance of planning and time management are two of them. You want to encourage your child to be timely and plan accordingly when they go out into the real world. After all, what happens if your child never learns to be on time and is consistently late to his or her job? What happens if your child is unable to plan correctly and ends up losing out on many different opportunities? Baking can instill the importance of planning in your child. For instance, if your child decides they want to make delicious chocolate chip cookies, but they didn’t plan out the ingredients and end up missing several, then they won’t get to bake the cookies. When your child begins to learn the importance of planning, they’ll be able to properly prepare the meal they want to create and they’ll be able to carry that over into their life. In addition, your child can learn time management by orchestrating when one thing should come out of the oven and when each dish should be on time. You’ll be amazed at how timely and organized they become in the real world.

Building On Math Skills

Baking is a great way to build on math skills. When your child follows a recipe, they’ll learn fractions and the importance of measuring your materials. In addition, if your child needs to double the recipe they’ll need to take the time to multiply each ingredient. Baking requires multiplication and addition when you’re doubling a recipe, but if you’re trying to make a smaller recipe you’ll need to subtract and divide. If your child is at the age where they are learning adding, multiplication, subtraction, and division, then incorporate some baking time to make math fun. You never know, if your child begins to love math early on, they might take that love on for the rest of his or her life leading to a great job.


Baking is a great time for parents and children to bond. Bonding is one of the many activities parents and children miss out on in today’s society. Due to the constant rushing around between errands, school, work, after school activities, and all the things a parent has to do, it can be difficult to find the time necessary to check in and bond with your child. Bonding with your child at an early age will help your relationship as your child grows. When you take the time to bond with your child and spend time talking, then you’re learning how your child is doing in school and if they are making friends etc. Furthermore, bonding with your child is a great way to instill some teachable moments. For instance, you can teach your child about how to handle food safely, how to cut vegetables and fruit correctly, and how important it is to always wash your hands. As your child grows, you’ll remember all of the fun you had in the kitchen.

Introduce Tasty New Flavors

You can widen your child’s palate by introducing new and tasty flavors when you bake together. For example, if your child hates peanut butter and you make delicious peanut butter cookies your child will realize peanut butter isn’t so bad. When you take the time to introduce new flavors to your child you’ll be able to benefit with more items you’re able to cook. Living with a picky eater can be difficult, but when you introduce your child to new foods in a low key way you’ll be amazed at what your child might enjoy.

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