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Savory Bites

In our society, it’s easy to get caught up in making easy food choices rather than healthful ones, and this is especially true when it comes to snacks. Many of the post popular snack items are filled with unnatural ingredients, preservatives, and other additives that, while the snack may be tasty, ultimately make us feel “gross.” If you’re looking for a new way to snack, you’ve landed on the right island! Here at Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Company, we’re dedicated to offering delicious, all natural, and preservative-free snacks to cookie and cracker lovers around the world. Scroll down now to browse our selection of savory snack crackers and wafers.

We Offer Delicious Savory Bites

You’ll encounter one thing when you give our zesty cheddar bites or spicy asiago wafers a try, and that is pure flavor. Because Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Co. does not use any unnatural ingredients or preservatives in our all natural snacks, all you’ll find when you taste our crackers is a fresh baked snack worthy of sharing (or not). If you’re a cheese lover, you’ll flip over our cheddar cracker bites, and fans of a bit more spice will love our asiago cheese wafers. Discover all natural, fresh baked crackers, and help your household get unnatural and additive-ridden snacks out of the picture.

Why Shop Snack Crackers at Cat Island?

You mean besides the natural, fresh, and preservative-free ingredients we use to make our delicious treats? When you shop online at Cat Island, you’ll benefit from international shipping options, a variety of product size options, and responsive customer service, not just delicious, natural snacks. We believe that growing our family of “Islanders” depends on listening to what our customers are saying and responding in kind. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for Cat Island, please leave a review, or contact us online.

Besides our commitment to excellent customer service and our yummy baked goods, Cat Island is also a model of environmental sustainability in our community. We are dedicated to being a company that is socially responsible, ethical, and environmentally-sustainable in order to preserve the gorgeous Mississippi Sound area. The shapes of our snacks are inspired by the area after all, and we want to keep the Gulf Coast a beautiful source of inspiration for years to come. Besides, we live here, too.

Wholesale Crackers

Customers can currently find our all natural crackers (and cookies) in retail stores across Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas, but we’re always interested in expanding into new markets. If you’re a retailer interested in offering our savory bites to your area, please get in touch to create a wholesale account. We would love the opportunity to share our cheddar crackers and cheese wafers with your area.

If you’re looking for all natural, preservative- and additive-free snacks, scroll down to shop our selection of natural snack crackers. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cat Island via our online contact form with any comments, questions, or concerns. Enjoy!


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