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In the fast-paced and competitive business world, it can be tricky to show others just how much you appreciate them. How do you show your dedicated employees how much you appreciate all their hard work, illustrate to your clients that their loyalty means the world to you, or show your business partner that you recognize all of the sacrifices he’s made over the years? Don’t worry; Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Co. can help you show your appreciation, send your condolences, wish a happy birthday, and so much more. Our delicious, preservative-free sweet and savory snacks make unique corporate gifts that your gift recipients are sure to love.

Occasions For Corporate Gifting

Holidays Congratulations Condolences Thank Yous Birthdays

How will I benefit from sending corporate gifts?

Your employees and consumers alike want to know that they are appreciated, but they aren’t the only ones who will benefit from corporate gifting; you and your business will benefit as well. Recognition gifts for employees, for example, boost team morale, promote company cohesion, and help employees feel closer to the company as a whole, which spurs productivity and innovation. As another example, when you send your customers holiday corporate gifts to remind them of your business during the holidays, they’ll remember you did the next time they have to decide which company to work with. Stay visible, and keep growing your business through corporate gifting.

Send Gourmet Cookie & Cracker Gifts Through Cat Island

Here at Cat Island Cookie & Cracker Co., we guarantee that our gourmet cracker and gourmet cookie gifts will make a lasting impression. After all, who doesn’t love all natural, fresh-baked treats? We have a variety of sweet and savory snack options to choose from, and you can send a small, medium, or large assortment gift set. If your gift recipients will appreciate all natural, wholesome, and preservative-free treats made with real butter and fresh ingredients, then let Cat Island take care of your corporate gifting needs.

Some Corporate Gifting Tips

  • If you’re sending gifts to other companies, check their gifting policies first.

  • Send an assortment of treats just in case your recipient doesn’t like a certain flavor.

  • Consider your target audience carefully before making corporate gifting decisions.

  • Keep your gifts appropriate. (Cookies and crackers are always business appropriate!)

  • When in doubt, over plan. It’s better to end up with too many gifts than be one short.

  • Be sensitive to all religions if you’ll be giving corporate gifts during the holidays.

Whether you’re sending many holiday corporate gifts to your employees and clients or just need a single birthday gift for a business partner, choose Cat Island to help you send delicious and unique corporate gifts. Your gift recipients are sure to love our all natural snacks. What says “I appreciate you” more than a gourmet cookie gift filled with delicious, preservative-free treats?

Have questions about sending our cookies or crackers as corporate gifts? You can get in touch with Cat Island today by contacting us online. We can’t wait to make your corporate gifting endeavors simple and delicious.


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