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Christmas Wishes

Holiday Giving

Special memories of Christmas usually include laughter, great food, gifts, music, and quality time with the people you love. But the most meaningful and memorable holidays are the ones where we bring love and joy to others.

When celebrating Christmas, we can cultivate our own special experiences, but the opportunity to create a special experience for others is second to none.

This year, we decided to help cultivate some Christmas magic for others in need. We know that love and joy are waiting at home for us, and we know we can also take part in sharing that love and joy with those in our community who need it most. To do that, we brought our delicious and celebratory Christmas cookie decorating kits to those in our community at Dunbar Village Retirement Home, Woodland Village Nursing Center and The Dixie White House Retirement Village.

In addition, every year there are families that aren’t able to celebrate their Christmas at home because they are at the hospital with their children. We believe that wherever you are, we can create some Christmas cheer. That’s why we also sent cookie decorating kits to the folks in the Gulfport Memorial Pediatric Wing, so they may enjoy some Christmas cheer.

We also had the opportunity to create Christmas memories with children by sharing our decorating kits with the wonderful people who work with CASA Hancock County.

Christmas isn’t about where you are, but rather who you’re with! We hope we were able to spread some joy, and that we’ve inspired you to do an act of kindness this Christmas as well.

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