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What’s a cookie maker to do after the holidays???

This cookie maker took advantage of down time by spending several days in the test kitchen trying out new recipes for the coming year and especially the next Holiday Season.  Never too early to get a jump on 2018! 

One of the ideas we have for this New Year is to offer specialty treats, available only online. Available January through March, we’ll offer our decadent, fudgy Turtle Brownie. 

An amazingly rich brownie topped with a dollop of house made caramel sauce, roasted and salted pecans and finished with a swirl of chocolate ganache. 

To celebrate the return of spring, we will bring back our Orange Blossom Butter Cookie (my personal favorite) for a limited run.  Our delectable butter cookie with the floral essence of orange blossoms.  It’s just like biting into the long awaited warmth the season brings.

With summer comes the taste of succulent, sweet fruits, and to me, nothing screams summer like peaches.  A pairing of sweet peaches with fragrant coriander in a luscious, buttery cake makes any summer day special.  Top it with your favorite ice cream to round out a perfect treat.

As the summer turns to winter, we all want to cozy up with something that warms us from the inside out; a perfect time for our Bourbon Pecan Loaf!  Our delicious version of a pound cake topped with roasted, candied pecans and soaked through with a smooth southern bourbon.  A great way to start the Holidays off right!

One would think that the last thing I, or anyone else who has spent the last month gorging themselves on sweets and snacks, would want to do is bake and taste and bake and taste and bake and taste some more… but let me tell you my friends, baking in very small batches in a small kitchen, using a small mixer and a regular size oven was just what this baker needed.  It brought me out of the hustle and bustle of a crazy season and back to the reason why I got into this crazy business in the first place: my genuine love of baking. 

Measuring, mixing and following the basic tenets of baking is my mantra.  It brings me to a meditative state, similar to a runner’s high.   Once there, the creativity comes more easily and pulling flavors together to compose an oh-so-pleasing-to-the-palate cookie or cracker is like arranging a symphony of ingredients that (usually) play well together, complementing and supporting each other like dancers in a chorus line. 

Of course, I will not expound on the countless batches of duds that didn’t even make it to the oven. Those went directly from the mixing bowl to the garbage. But to keep things in perspective and positive for the New Year I decided I would count them as stepping stones… lessons learned… foundations built for future successes… Let’s be honest, no baker EVER wants to talk about their failures! 

Yes, baking can be a challenge even for the most seasoned veterans and we all make mistakes but true bakers never give up.  We forge on into uncharted flavor mashups and designs, always seeking perfection.  After all, the next big cookie trend might be just around the corner!

Happy New Year !

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